With over 50 diving locations in and around, Marmaris offers you the best diving experience with its crystal clear and calm waters. You’ll be amazed to take part in the underwater dives at the best of the diving sites among the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. The Mediterranean blue waters with clear visibility offers a sensational diving experience. The best of the Marmaris Diving Spots in and around the town include Baca (Chimney) Cave, Sari Mehmet Cape, Keci Adasi (Goat Island) Cave, Hayiti Cape, Ince Cape Lighthouse, Abdi Reis Cove, Yazih Rock, Aksu Cove, Kutuk Cape and Kadirga (Galleon) Cove. With variable depths up to 50 meters these popular Marmaris Diving Spots are suitable for both, the beginners as well as expert divers. Join our diving tours and get an opportunity to see the beautiful world that lies underneath.

Best of the Marmaris Diving Spots

Baca (Chimney) Cave
Baca Cave is the most popular diving point in Marmaris. With depths ranging between 5 and 50 meters, this spot is suitable for both beginners and expert divers. Small shrimp, red and white cardinal fish are some of the interesting marine life you’ll get to see here. This conical cave has an entrance 14 meters wide but the exit is narrow with a depth of 4 meters; hence the name Chimney Cave. This is one of the most popular Marmaris Diving Spots and also the photographers’ favorite.

Sari Mehmet Cape
Located between Turunc and Icmeler, Sari Mehmet Cape is a popular diving spot suitable for beginners and experts. With depths between 5 and 21 meters, the cape and the bay offer a fantastic diving spot. This place is also popular for night dives. One can see octopus, sea bream and moray eels in this area. The other popular diving spot ‘Cathedral Cave’ is just nearby.

Keci Adasi (Goat Island) Lighthouse
Keci Adasi is located by the lighthouse and has depths ranging from 8 to 38 meters. This spot is best suited for expert divers and has a variety of sea creatures like moray eel, octopus and red cardinal fish. A lot of amphorae pieces can be seen over the sea bed. The water here is known to change from the new moon and develops into a soft stream.

Hayitli Cape
Hayitli Cape is on the opposite side of Keci (Goat) Island Lighthouse. This area is an easy place to drop anchor and has become popular with beginners for diving practice. The depth varies from 5 to 38 meters and has a rocky environment. Experts can reach depths over 30 meters and possibly see larger fish and pieces of amphorae.

Ince Cape Lighthouse
Ince Cape Lighthouse is located by Yildiz (Star) Island but the waters here are comparably unclear. This spot is tropical in nature here and has numerous underwater peaks. The depth ranges between 3 and 40 meters. At the end of the summer season, the area is flocked by photographers as more varieties of fish, sponges and colorful sea rabbits, 1 to 4 cm in size can be seen here.

Abdi Reis Cove
Located by the Yildiz Island, Abdi Reis Cove is popularly known as ‘Aquarium’ because of its clear bright waters. Beginners as well as experts love this spot. It has a depth of 0 to 33 meters, and located very close to the Phosphorus Caves. Sea traffic in the area can become too busy at times.

Yazih Rock
Another site located by the Yildiz Island is the Yazih Rock. With depths ranging from 3 to 32 meters, this spot is mostly suited for morning dives. Large rocks and walls around the area make this area shadowy during the afternoons. Sea bream and blacktail are some of the sea creatures one can see here.

Aksu Cove

Aksu Cove is also located by the Yildiz Island and is suitable for both beginners and expert divers alike. Swimmers from the nearby yachts and boats also take this diving spot. As you descend deeper, the water gradually changes its color to dark blue. On the cape, there is a 40 meter high wall with a circular hole in the centre and pieces of Byzantium amphorae can be seen here.

Kutuk Cape
With depths of 0 to 52 meters, the Kutuk Cape has a fascinating underwater environment. However, the divers must be aware of their limits as they may become mesmerized by the wonderful cape. The water stream at the cape changes at the start of the new moon.

Kadirga (Galleon) Cove
With depths ranging from 0 to 40 meters, the Kadirga (Galleon) Cove is at the farthest point from Marmaris. This spot is located close to the rocky area opposite to the Kadirga Lighthouse. Kadirga Cove offers unique diving experience for both beginners and expert divers. In front of the lighthouse building, there is a field of amphorae and the remnants of a sunken ship dating back to the Hellenistic age. One can see hundreds of amphorae on the rocks here. This site is particularly popular with the photographers.

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