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Marmaris Mobility Scooter

Marmaris Mobility Scooter

Upon requests we offer the most convenient and hassle-free mobility equipment for our guests in and around Marmaris & icmeler. Rent Mobility Scooter in Marmaris from the resort you can certainly save a lot of time and money. You can be free of all the stress involved in carrying them from your place in the flight and also be free from the worry that it may get damaged by the baggage handlers. Our mobility equipments are maintained regularly to ensure you a smooth and problem-free holiday experience. They are under high standard maintenance and we also offer breakdown services 24/7.

Once you rent mobility scooter in Marmaris, we can deliver the scooters to your place of stay or we can also arrange them to be collected by you at a prearranged place. We charge nothing extra for delivering the mobility equipments to your place. Once the equipments are handed over to you, you can pay in cash and complete the paperwork with your signature. We can demonstrate the usage of our equipment in front of you and our staff will wait until you personally check the proper functioning of the equipment or check for any damage. Mobility Scooters run on electricity charged and saved in their storage batteries. You don’t need a license to use the equipment. We also provide you the appropriate charger to help you charge the scooter and use it at your convenience. You can enjoy a hassle-free and most convenient Mobility Scooter service throughout your holiday in Marmaris.

1 day 25 GBP
2 day 50 GBP
3 day 75 GBP
4 day 90 GBP
5 day 100 GBP
6 day 110 GBP

For rentals of 8 days or more, the daily fee is 15 GBP


Marmaris Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter
Electric Scooter
No Licence Needed
No Insurance
No Trunk
Your rental will be delivered to your hotel. We don't accept rentals less then 1 week.
A charger for the mobility scooter also will be delivered to your hotel. Please note that we request 50 £ deposit, at the end of the rental period this deposit will be given back to you.

  • 1 Person
  • Automatic
  • Electric
  • No Trunk

Guest Reviews (3 reviews)


Sheila Russell

Best Service, Best company


Marmaris Travel is amazing rental compnay in Marmaris, they are so helpful and their customer service is 2nd to none. This was my first time of hiring a scooter in Marmaris and I would highly recommend the company. I recieved a whatsapp message one day before my arrival , the delivery guy was ontime and he was so friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. If you want great service don't use anyone else x


Edith Allan

Excellent Customer Service


Easy reservations, great scooters, fair price, delivery/pick up on time. Easily the best rental place in Florida.


Connor James Waters

Best Mobility Scooter Company in Marmaris


I rented a mobility scooter from Marmaris Travel website for my holiday in Marmaris. The Scooter was very comfortable, easy to use, basket, lights and a Cell Phone holder & charger. The price was very good (the best price you can find online and in the town) . Very ontime delivery/pickup and they have an excellent customer. Would highly recommend!!!!

F.A.Q About Marmaris Mobility Scooter

Do you need a licence?

You don't need a licence to drive mobility scooter in Marmaris.

All our mobility equipment is in A1 electro-mechanical condition so this would be rare. But, if it does happen, we offer next day collection and replacement of the mobility scooter.

Each of our mobility scooters has a battery meter. On delivery we will explain that the distance that the scooter will cover on one charge varies - if you are heavy, that will tax the battery as will hills and cold weather as batteries lose efficiency in cold weather. It is your responsibility to get to know the Mobility scooter and its limits.

The company accepts no liability for injury,damage or loss as a result of using the equipmnent. It is your duty to act responsibly, not to use the equipment under the influence of alcohol, tablets or drugs, or during rain. It is your duty to be fully aware of pedestrians and other vehicles.

Marmaris Mobility Scooter

    • 24 Hours Assistance
    • Local Taxes
    • V.A.T %18
    • Width: 59 cm
    • Length: 120 cm
    • Height: 104 cm
    • Weight: 182 lbs / 83 kg (including batteries)
    • Adjustable speed: Yes
    • Maximum range: 23 Miles / 38 Kilometres
    • Maximum speed: 3.7 mph / 6 kph
    • Number of wheels: 4
    • Seat type: Swivel, adjustable height, foldable arm rests, seat suspension.
    • Seat width: 47 cm
    • Adjustable steering column: Yes
    • Maximum user weight: 299 lbs / 136 kg


7/24 Assistance

You can trust us 24/7! We are pleased to inform you that you can benefit from our 7/24 Assistance Service for free of charge. You do not need to sign any additional contracts for our Assistance Service. You don’t have to worry for any incident we are always ready to help you in need. 7/24

Rental Delivery Service

Rental Delivery Service

As long as you are staying in Marmaris or icmeler at any hotel or accommodation, we will deliver and collect your rental from your place. There is no additional cost for this service. You can book all available rental options with confidence. Booking our rental services is easy and required no down payment. All Our


Marmaris Mobility Scooter Marmaris, Turkey

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