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Marmaris Diving Tour

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Looking for an adventurous and exciting holiday experience around Marmaris? Our Marmaris Diving Tour is an excellent opportunity to experience that very special ‘adrenaline rush’ feeling! The warm and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea offer excellent sites for diving. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver (PADI-CMAS-BSAC), we offer diving opportunities for each participant at different skill levels. Even if you’re not going for a dive, you can join our tour and take part in other activities onboard.

Perfect Setting for a Diving Tour

The natural surroundings at Marmaris are a perfect setting for recreational watersports, such as diving and snorkelling. The Mediterranean Sea has some of the clearest waters and the visibility under water is just perfect for diving. With silent bays and clear waters, areas around Marmaris are popular diving spots in Turkey. There are 32 recognized diving spots in Marmaris. We tour around two of these locations considering the number of guests and the prevailing weather conditions on our touring day.

Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour

All the participants are made aware of the formal list of instructions with a fast track course on principles of diving. Our licensed and professional diving instructors provide detailed information to all our guests. We take you to the first dive in the morning and the duration is just over twenty minutes. We take 5-6 divers in a group and the diving groups are closely monitored and aided by our three instructors underwater. The first dive is more like a trial, this helps you take a measure of what you have learned from the instructors. It will help you know your understanding of the skills like sign language and use the diving equipment properly underwater.

The Second Dive Is a Bit Deeper!

After the first dive, we take a lunch break. We arrange for a light lunch at noon, some sandwich will be a fitting light lunch. After this break, we take you across to the second dive. This time, the dive again lasts over 20 minutes. This time, our instructors will escort you underwater, taking you a bit deeper. You’ll love this thrilling underwater experience.

Marmaris Diving Tour is All-Exciting, Yet Cautious

In our Marmaris Diving Tour, we cover two dives, each of them exceeding twenty minutes of time. We offer you all of the safety equipment validated to professional standards. Our equipment is light-weight and abides by the high safety standards imposed by the Turkish authorities. Every activity in this tour is conducted keeping your safety in mind. All of the equipment including oxygen mask and valves are double checked periodically to ensure utmost safety. Non-divers and snorkellers also welcome on board.

Marmaris Diving Tour

Boat Tour
09:00 AM
7 Hours
This excursion has free hotel transfer. Please be ready at the main entrance gate of your hotel.
Towels, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera.
All Scuba Diving Equipments, Instructions (English Speaking), Hotel Transfer, Lunch, 2 Dives in the same day, Full Insurance.
Personal Expenditures, Drinks, DVD.
There is an age limit of 12 for this tour. Snorkellers and Non-divers welcome.

Join our Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour for a different holiday experience in Turkey. The tour comes with 2 dives at the same day (1 in the morning & 1 in the afternoon), with lunch and free hotel transfer. All the necessary equipment will be provided for you.

  • Adventure
  • Family Friendly
  • Full Day
  • Guided Tour
  • Nature
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  • With Swimming

Guest Reviews (6 reviews)


Tom Podmore

Scuba Experience


Marmaris Travel is 5 star travel and they have superb communication skills. Excellent customer and they were always ready to answer all our questions online. My kids very much enjoyed the scuba diving experience and the staff could not of been friendlier. Definitely recommended.


Peter Willetts

Thank you very much


Very nice diving tour, excellent boats, ni,ce and kind people and very good instructors. Diving sites are also very good.


John Calder

Super Dive Center


I had an awesome diving tour with Marmaris Travel. On the tour day I got a transfer from my hotel to the diving boat. On the boat they gave us a very clear briefing about what to do and not to do. My instructor (Ahmet > a great instructor) I felt safe all the time as two instructors were always around me during the scuba diving. I would definitely recommend Marmaris Travel if you are looking for a good diving experience.


Colin Marcham

Best Diving Tour in Marmaris


It was the best day of my vacation. The diver's are so professional. They didn't agree to dive anyone alone. The instructors and staffs are so polite. The food was simple but also good. We are planning to do Marmaris Diving Tour once again before we go home.


Sarah Wilson

Excellent Service


We were looking for a good diving tour in marmaris. I found this deal online and it seems that I made a really good choice. First of all, i have to tell you that the safety measures are very important at this place, the instructors were very friendly and professional. Proper instructions were providing before diving, though I had no experience since it was my first time but got to know them easily. It was a full day tour, for around 8 hours and delicious lunch was also given.

F.A.Q about Marmaris Diving Tour

My daughter doesn't want to dive. Can she still come on this trip ?

Yes of course. Non divers can also join our tour, they can snorkel or swim during the trip.

This tour is more organized for the beginners, but you can still join our Marmaris scuba diving tour.

Each dive takes place around 20 to 25 minutes long. And remember you will have 2 dives on this excursion. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Marmaris Diving Tour Program

Marmaris Diving Tour

Arriving to the Boat & Instructions

The Marmaris Diving Tour begins at around 9:30 am as we pick you from your place of stay. This hotel transfer is included in the tour price and you need not pay any extra fee for this service. One of our vehicles will take you to the Marmaris port. From here, we board our lively boat which sets cruising among the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Onboard, our professional diving instructors provide primary instructions through a short but an important theory session on underwater diving.
Marmaris Diving Tour

First Dive in the Morning

After this short theory class on essential diving techniques and usage of safety equipment while diving, our instructors take you to practical diving at one of the diving spots. This first diving in our morning session is much like a trial if you are a beginner. The batch of 5-6 divers moves hand in hand with diving equipment on and take dives underwater under the careful supervision of our experts. The duration of the first dive is over 20 minutes. The beginners can take intervals in between and plunge deep enough only after they feel confident enough. During these exciting 20 minutes, our instructors are within your reach and help you enjoy your first dive to the fullest.
Marmaris Scuba Diving

Lunch Break

Our Marmaris Diving Tour is an excellent blend of many activities like swimming in the silent bays, scuba diving, snorkeling and sunbathing. After our first dive, it’s time for the lunch break. The lunch at noon on our diving tour is simple and light. We take some tasty sandwich as our light brunch. This helps us to stay active and get ready for our second dive in a while.
Marmaris Diving Tour

Second Dive in the Afternoon

We continue cruising and reach our second diving spot. The first diving gives you enough confidence to enjoy the second one with ease. The second dive is a bit deeper, our instructors will now set the diving depth up to 6 meters for beginners and trained divers can go further deep as per their expertise. In all the cases, our expert diving instructors are always by your side to guide and help you at any moment of time. During this dive, you can enter caves nearby, explore the seafloor, enjoy diving by the reef and even feed fish underwater. The all-exciting second dive lasts over 20 minutes as well.
Marmaris Excursions with Comfortable Buses

Arriving Back to Marmaris & Transfer to the Hotels

We have planned the tour to reach back Marmaris by 17:00 pm. After the completion of our tour, we provide free hotel transfer service with our vehicles. You can reach your place of stay before the late afternoon. Scuba diving is not the only activity during the day, there are also a good range of interesting things to do like snorkeling, swimming or just stay onboard and enjoy sunbathing to the fullest. If anyone of your companions is not willing to join you with diving, they can stay onboard and yet enjoy other activities.

Some of the important facts and useful information about " Marmaris Scuba Diving Tour "



In this tour/activity there will be member of our agency who will give you all detailed instructions and information about the excursion or the event.If you have any further questions you can use contact us link and ask us any questions that you have in your mind. Please obey the rules and instructions for your

Marmaris Diving Tour

All Diving Equipments

In Marmaris Diving Tour all necessary diving equipments will be provided for you. Our Diving equipments have highest industry standards and  simple to operate. Yours instructors will also give you a detailed information about your safety and also how to use these equipments. For your own safety, please obey the rules and regulations given to

Free Hotel Transfer

Free Hotel Transfer

While you book our travel services online, our hotel transfer services come along for free! We arrange for free hotel transfers in our best-kept and the most comfortable vehicles. As any of the prearranged tour begins, we are ready with our vehicle to pick you right at the main entrance of the hotel you stay

Marmaris Diving Spots

Marmaris Diving Spots

With over 50 diving locations in and around, Marmaris offers you the best diving experience with its crystal clear and calm waters. You’ll be amazed to take part in the underwater dives at the best of the diving sites among the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. The Mediterranean blue waters with clear visibility offers a


Marmaris Diving Tour Marmaris, Turkey

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