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Marmaris Entertainment Tours

It is all about fun

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Marmaris Turkish Night

Marmaris Turkish Night Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Turkish Night is an exceptional tour for everyone who loves belly dance, folk music and lots of wine!

Marmaris Talk of the Town

Marmaris Talk of the Town Marmaris Turkey

The "Marmaris Talk of the Town" show takes place in one of the most popular bar, Cheers Bar.

Marmaris Moonlight Cruise

Marmaris Moonlight Cruise Marmaris Turkey

The atmosphere onboard with Marmaris Moonlight Cruise, offers you with an alternative night time entertainment.

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Marmaris is Fun

Marmaris is one of the most sought after resort destinations in Turkey. Our Marmaris Entertainment Tours offer you sheer fun with its exceptional ingredients like belly dance, folk music, lots of wine, tasty Turkish food, and dancing out the night in our exotic Night Shows. Our tours have some of the most interesting activities that you would love to take part during your holiday trip. There is everything in our entertainment tours to make your trip to Marmaris the most memorable one.

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Our Marmaris Entertainment Tours are arranged after the evening. We pick our guests from their place of stay and take them on these memorable tours in our most comfortable vehicles. These tours are perfect opportunities to enjoy a night out. The night show at the Kervansaray is not just entertaining; it also gives you an opportunity to know more about Turkish culture and tradition. The ‘Talk of the Town’ is the other performance that keeps you engaged for long.  It is hard to believe that the performers at this drag show cabaret are males dressed in glamorous female getups!

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Fun with Your Family

The comedy at the night shows in our Marmaris Entertainment Tours comes clean and good. You can certainly take your family along with you on these tours. With big music, a myriad of drinks, non-stop dance, delicious Turkish food, lots of laughs, cultural shows and spectacular comedy drag show, the night out at Marmaris on these tours provide you with unlimited fun. Our Marmaris Entertainment Tours are special tours with elements to stay in your memory for long.

Marmaris Entertainment Tours

Far from the regular activities at the resort town our Marmaris Entertainment Tours offer you something of a more interesting experience. One such tours in the visit to the Kervansaray, where you have an exciting opportunity to take part in belly dance, listen to folk music, watch traditional ceremonies being enacted on stage and at the same time relish the best Turkish food sipping the tastiest drinks. The other night show included in these tours is one of the most intriguing shows, “the Talk of the Town”. You’ll never stop laughing at the comic performances at one of the bustling bars in the town.