If you are interested in booking a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon, you are in luck! Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about Cappadocia and Hot Air Ballooning.

Why choosing Cappadocia?

When you hear about Cappadocia, there is only one image that comes to mind; a wild, rocky landscape that can, easily, be the backdrop of a science fiction movie. The truth is that Cappadocia’s landscape is a mixture of natural wonders and human craftsmanship. What was caused from a volcanic eruption, it was later on developed and processed by humans, resulting in what weknow today as the dreamy and fairytale setting of Cappadocia. Except from the lunar landscape that you see on the ground, Cappadocia features, also, an outstanding network of underground cities with tunnels, halls, and rooms of everyday life that were created by the early Christians.

Today, Cappadocia is listed as a World Heritage Site and a great example of diversity in terms of culture, history, and religion. However, what really brings thousands of visitors every year, is the chance to observe all these from above, with a Hot Air Balloon!

Long valleys with peculiar rocks, fairy chimneys, cliffs, and a mystical atmosphere are surely among thethings that you want to see and experience from above, and a flight with a Hot Air Balloon is just the right way to do so!

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Booking your Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon flight

Booking your dream Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon is now easier than ever! The options vary and meet every single individual preference and budget. In fact, you can choose from the following:

  1. A fully private Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon flight, ideal for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion or rooting for exclusivity.
  2. A comfort flight with a smallerHot Air Balloon, hosting up to 16 participants.
  3. A standard Hot Air Balloon flight in Cappadocia with a relatively larger basket that takes up to 20 participants.

It is totally up to you to choose, and booking won’t be a problem either. However, you should know that booking in advance is highly recommended, as the Hot Air Balloon is the most popular activity in the area. No matter the tour, there will be glass of champagne waiting for you upon landing!

Useful tips for your Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Booking is done, and you may be wondering what’s next? If you are thinking of what you should really know about this flight, we’ve got you covered!

The first thing to know about this unique experience, is that the flight lasts for almost an hour. As Hot Air Balloons use air to float, the flight’s duration is subject to the weather conditions. While some flights last for 45 minutes, others can be more than one hour! It is also important to know that, if the wind’s speed is more than 11km/hour, or if it’s a rainy day, the flight can be cancelled. A good tip is to schedule your flight during the first days of your vacations, so in case it’s cancelled, you will still have the time to reschedule. If not, you can always claim refund.

When it comes to Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon, there is no such thing as season! In fact, you can join a flight on a year-round basis, on dry summers and snowy winters! A good tip to know is that Spring and Autumn hold the ideal weather conditions for a smooth and joyful flight. As the flight takes-off before the dawn, it’s a great idea to have a light jacket with you, even during the warmer months. And don’t panic when you hear “before dawn”, the company provides transfer services from and to your hotel. Therefore, everything is properly organised so that you can enjoy the best experience ever, without stress and rush.

Start planning your vacations in Cappadocia, by booking your ideal Hot Air Balloon flight. Be part of a unique experience, and witness a breath-taking sunrise during the flight. This activity is a unique opportunity for all, and highlight to remember forever!