Icmeler is another resort hub just 10 Km away from Marmaris. This place may be smaller than Marmaris, but it has more elegance than its busy neighbouring resort centre. The graceful bay with turquoise waters, the high-rising emerald mountains, beautiful beachside; and lines of cafes, hotels and restaurants make this place a pleasant one. Icmeler is a serene and beautiful place to settle down enjoying your holiday calmly. I would say, Icmeler is a perfect place if you’re looking for a nice and relaxing holiday experience. During your stay here you can plan taking part in day excursions to places around Hisaronu and Resadiye Peninsulas. After staying here for a few days, you can move ahead to Marmaris to enjoy holidays with more exciting activities.

Things to do in Icmeler

Many of the holiday tour operators include Icmeler as a part of their larger tour package. A few travellers make it out here on their own. To its size, this holiday town has plenty of hotels and restaurants. You can also make use of the online booking facility provided by the tour operators. Owing to a large number of hotels in Icmeler you can easily book an accommodation at discounted prices. Eating out in Icmeler is a pleasant experience. The prices are fair, food is good, service is friendly and you always have a big range to choose from.

Nightlife isn’t as good as it is in Marmaris. However, you can find a few places like Pleasure and Oasis known for their entertaining nightlife. There are some good night bars, but there will be no dancing usually.

The town is surrounded by pine forests on the three sides and has got a beautiful beachfront on the other side. Adventurous travellers can take up hiking over the mountains. This activity is getting more popular these days and lets you enjoy fantastic views of the place all around. The water sports facilities like scuba, snorkelling; waterskiing and such other activities are also on the rise.

Travelling Around

Getting in and out of Icmeler is an easy task. Plenty of buses ply around Icmeler and Marmaris; reach Marmaris and from here you can get to almost anywhere in Turkey. Travelling by boat is also an interesting option. Sea fare may be expensive, but considering the beauty of the bay, I suggest one must try this option as well.