Selale in Turkish means ‘waterfall’. In this article, we are talking of the ice-cold waterfalls located near Marmaris. Turgut is a small and quiet village located 36 Km southwest of Marmaris and 5 Km from Orhaniye. This small village has been more into tourism recently and the waterfall is a popular stop with the jeep safari tours in the area.

Ice-Cold Waters

The Selale (waterfall) is between Bayir and Turgut. Travel 5 kilometers from Bayir towards Turgut and you’ll see a sign ‘Selale’ by the road. Take a turn here and you’ll reach the ‘Selale’ by moving just 200 meters from the main road. This is not the largest or the tallest of the waterfalls you’d have ever seen. But it is pretty attractive and provides one a cool resting place. The Marmaris Waterfall is just over 4 meters tall and narrow as well. The area around the waterfall is a wide valley with forests and lush vegetation. This valley is cooler than the places around it and an exciting place to visit, especially during a hot summer’s day. The Marmaris Waterfall has ice-cold waters and you can enjoy swimming in the small lake below the waterfall. A 300 years old watermill near the waterfalls is an interesting one to pay a visit.

Impressive Scenery

The area around the waterfall has lush greenery with trees like Turkish sweet gum, pine, and plane. You’ll love the serene atmosphere with tweets of birds and jersey tiger moths flying from here and there. The water flows down the wide valley as waterfalls at five different places. The natural honey produced here is of the best quality owing to the pristine environment. With a variety of flora and fauna, the place has been a big attraction with both local and foreign visitors.

The greenery and water at this place provides you a perfect ambience to find solace in nature. The whole area has been carved out as a conservation area and under the Turkish government since 2011.

You can visit the Waterfall from Marmaris by joining these excursions.