Turtle Beach near Marmaris in Dalyan, Mugla Province of Turkey is one of the natural wonders you’ll ever get to visit. The 6 Km long but a narrow beach forms a natural barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and the fresh water delta of the Dalyan River. Iztuzu Beach popularly known as Turtle Beach is one of the favorite destinations for those who love nature and its serene ambience.

A Protected Area and a Popular Tourist Spot

This narrow strip of beach in the Mediterranean has been one of the main breeding grounds for Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles. These turtles are now enlisted on IUCN Redlist as an endangered species. Hence, the beach has been tagged with protected status since 1988 and has been a part of Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area. The region has remained almost untouched due to its secluded location and the recent conservation activities have made this place retain its serenity intact. As Iztuzu Beach became well-known for conservation of turtle habitat, the place is also known by the name ‘Turtle Beach’. The Turtle Beach has earned appreciation from coveted institutions as ‘the Best Beach Destination in Europe’ for its popularity and also as ‘the Best Open Space in Europe’ because of its eco-friendly approach.

Caretta Caretta Turtles (Lorgerhead Turtles)

The greatest threat to the existence of the Loggerhead Turtles starts from where their life begins on the beach. The turtles come out of the sea to lay their eggs in the sand and the little ones crawl back to the sea to begin their new life. However, the life of turtles is not that easy and many of the eggs don’t survive until they are hatched. In spite of being a popular tourist destination, the conservation and tourism go hand in hand. Some of the most sensitive places are barred from human entry, but you are allowed to swim in the sea and walk along the beach on other areas. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot a Loggerhead Turtle swim or pass by near.

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