Necropolis in Greek literally means, ‘the city of dead’. Beyond the Byzantine city wall of Hierapolis and the meadow, and after the outer baths the ancient necropolis extends for over 2 Km on both sides of the old road to Sardis and Phrygian Tripolis. This necropolis extending from northern to the eastern and southern parts of the old city is one of the best preserved ones in Turkey. However, most of the 1,200 tombs have been excavated now. Most of these tombs have been built using local varieties of limestone and a few have also feature marble stone as well. Necropolis near Hierapolis is one of the most extensive cemeteries in Anatolia.


Period and Types of Tombs

Most of the tombs found here date to the late Hellenic period. A considerable number of them also belong to the Roman and the early Christian periods. Hierapolis was not too big a settlement, but there were many visitors to this place. The visitors were mostly old and came here to spend their last days in the ‘Holy City’ of Hierapolis. Many came here to benefit from the healing waters of the hot spring as well. Visitors who died while at Hierapolis and the natives buried their dead in tombs built in different types according to their rituals and social status.

One can Find 4 Different Types of Tombs at Necropolis.

1. Common people were buried in simple graves,
2. Sacrophagi for people with notable names, professions and good deeds,
3. Circular tumuli, though large in size; they are sometimes distinctive,
4. Larger graves for families, these are sometimes monumental and resemble small temples.

There are two distinct necropolises here, the one identified as Northern Necropolis is larger in size and have tombs with Greek inscriptions. These mostly belong to the Roman period (1st and 2nd centuries AD). The tombs on the Sothern Necropolis are strikingly simpler and are seemingly older than the necropolis itself. They mostly date back to the early Hellenistic period.


Our Tour Services to Necropolis

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You can visit Necropolis (The City of Dead) from Marmaris by joining these excursions.