Marmaris is famous not only famous with its sea, sun and nightlife, but also pine forests, densely covering the slopes of its mountains. The local pine trees are the source of this delicious and famous local product.

What’s special about it?

Pine honey helps to cure some diseases like physical and mental exhaustion; normalizes metabolism, and removes harmful substances from the body. Pine honey perfectly cleanses the kidneys, liver and even blood. But even if you are perfectly healthy, it’s worth a try simply because it tastes great !!! – a dark, viscous, sweet, but without sharp taste.

Where can I buy Marmaris Pine Honey?

Pine honey can be bought in the markets of Marmaris. Also in Marmaris there are specialty stores under the name of BAL EVÄ° (Honey House), where they sell honey and bee products. In these shops and in the local villages around Marmaris this famous pine honey is sold in pure form. The locals will let you test the honey before you buy it. Especially on our village tour, you will have the opportunity to buy local pine honey from the villagers as the first hand.

Marmaris pine honey will be a great souvenir or gift from Marmaris for your beloved ones.

You can buy local pine honey on one of these tours.