Marmaris Cleopatra island also known as Sedir Island in Turkish, is a small island in the Gulf of Gokova. This island is famous for its beach made of seashells. The legend says that Marc Antony had specially ordered this organic sand to be brought here through ships from the Red Sea for his lover Cleopatra. According to the legend, Marc Antony and Cleopatra once swam around this island. This type of sand is found nowhere around, but only in Egypt. Each grain of this special sand is a perfect sphere and hence the beach is being heavily protected by the government. No part of this sand is allowed to be removed from the beach.

Legendary Island of Cleopatra in Marmaris

Marmaris Cleopatra Island is home to the ancient city site of Cedreae (Kedrai). On this ancient city site survives the Temple of Apollo, the theatre and remains of a necropolis. Surrounded by the city walls, Kedrai was an important human settlement opposite to the Rhodes Island. The Temple of Apollo has been built in the -Doric Style. Kedrai is one of the three important city sites in Marmaris-Bozburun Area with an ancient theatre. The ancient theatre can be found on the northern part of the island and the theatre faces the north. Historical evidence reveals that Kedrai was on Athens’ side during the Peloponnesian Wars. The inhabitants were semi-barbarians and the city was attacked and captured by the Spartan general Lysander. All of the inhabitants were enslaved following the attack. One can see a number of olive groves on the island today.

Cleopatra Beach Marmaris

The Sedir Island has three island units; namely, Palace Island (Cleopatra Island), Central Island and the Small Island. The sand particles (actually it is the fossils of seashells) on the Beach of Marmaris Cleopatra Island are extraordinary ones. Scientists remark that it takes millions of years for fossils to acquire this state. The seashells are so tiny and so shiny that appear like sand grains. The sand particles are so amazing that they squeak under your feet as you walk barefooted on the beach. You feel as if you’re walking on the clouds! On this strict conservation site you are not allowed to walk with shoes or slippers on, you’re not even allowed to carry towels on the beach. No one is allowed to take any sand from this site while coming back. The island has numerous olive trees and the island offers travelers some perfect locations for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. You can also opt to lay back and relax on the sea shore.

There are daily boat trips to Cleopatra Island from Marmaris