Cleopatra’s Pool is one of the hot spring pools located in Hierapolis near Pamukkale. The ancient Roman city of Hierapolis was a healing spa for people with ailments. Being a ‘Sacred City’ many old people stayed in Hierapolis to spend the last days of their life. Thus, the healing hot springs of Hierapolis have been attracting people since ancient times!

Cleopatra’s Pool

Enjoy Swimming in the Cleopatra’s Pool

The Cleopatra’s Pool you’ll find among the ruins of Hierapolis has hot spring waters with special healing powers. In the ancient times, there were 15 such pools in Hierapolis! The shape of the today’s pool has been formed by an earthquake that took place during the 7th century AD. The marble portico with Ionic roof and columns has fallen into the spring and are clearly visible through the crystal clear waters. The visitors swim in the pool with these monumental pieces dipped in!

Cleopatra’s Pool

Special Healing Powers of the Hot Springs

Water from the hot springs is made to flow to the pool regularly and the excess water spills out of the pool. These waters have a temperature between 36 C° and 57 C° and the PH value is around 5.8. The hot spring water is rich in bicarbonates, sulfates, have a sparse amount of dissolved iron and traces of radioactivity as well. However, these waters are safe for swimming and drinking for cures as well.

More about Cleopatra’s Pool

1. The ancient pool got this name as a legend says Queen Cleopatra once swam in this pool.

2. The pool is open all the year round and visitors have an access to swim in here.

3. The pool is maintained by a private agency and an entrance fee is charged to swim here.

4. You can make use of the changing rooms to wear your swim suit. Safety lockers are available to safeguard your belongings.

5. Kids are also allowed to swim here, come prepared to swim. You’ll love this experience.

6. Towels are not available here. Remember to bring your towels.

7. Don’t like to swim? Visit the spa area (free access) and refresh with snacks and a drink here.

Cleopatra’s Pool

Our Tour Services to Cleopatra’s Pool

We arrange regular tours from Marmaris to Pamukkale; the one-way journey is around 3 hours. This tour includes a visit to the ancient site of Hierapolis and the Cleopatra’s Pool as well. While our well-kept air-conditioned vehicles ply over the express highways, you can enjoy the comfortable journey along with the scenic beauty of countryside Turkey. Our tour guides help you learn more about anything that might be interesting to you. We take care of all the entrance fees, food and insurance through the tour.

You can visit Cleopatra’s Pool from Marmaris by joining these excursions.