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Turtle Beach & Mud Baths

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Take a boat trip down the Dalyan Turtle Beach near Marmaris and enjoy a rare scenic view of the Mediterranean and the village Dalyan. Since the late 1980s, the region of the Dalyan Village and the Turtle Beach has become a widely-frequented holiday destination. The ecologically-friendly beach is being visited both by tourists residing in Dalyan and those from Marmaris.

Booking Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour With Mud Baths & River Cruise means visitng one of the rarest tourism experiences left around the world. The Dalyan region is a national park in Turkey and also biggest lake on the western region of the country. It is a popular choice for kids, families and romantic couples. Dalyan is just a 1 hour drive (60 kilometers) from Marmaris. The tour begins with a hotel pick-up by Marmaris at 08.30 am in the morning, down till sundown around 6 pm in the evening. When we arrive to Dalyan, where you will visit first the famous mud baths.

Turtle Beach & Mud Baths From Marmaris

You will have the chance totake a fun-filled and action-packed in the mud baths. Taking mud baths at Dalyan is a popular activity which is often undertaken by visiting tourists and the locals aswell. Apart from the fun derivable from the bath, don’t forget the health benefits from this activity as the mud contains minerals such as sulfur and magnesium which is good for your skin.

Our crew will serve you a special lunch in a bautiful restaurant near the canal. Salad, pasta and barbecue meat balls, we have also vegeterian food options in our menu. Don’t forget that lunch is included in the price but drinks are charged as extra.

While on the boat and sailing through the iztuzu canal you will enjoy a view of the ancient Lycian tombs, located around the sheer cliffs in Caunos. TThese tombs were carved on the facade of the mountain in the 4th century BC. In fact, they are 2400 years old. Just before we arrive to turtle beach, we will have a stop fro 20 minutes and our guests will be supplied by baits and roads for crab fishing. Blue crabs are famous in Dalyan and this is a pretty fun activity.

When we arrive to Dalyan Delta by boat, you might have the chance to watch the Loggerhead Turtles, known as the Caretta Caretta Turtles, on this famous beach. These are the most beautiful creatures that you can see in their on natural habitat. They feed on sea animals such as crabs, jellyfish and others as food. They are so large that they weigh around 300 to 400 pounds. To protect these creatures and the Dalyan beach, the area is being monitored by Turkey’s Environment and Forestry Ministry.

Turtle Beach & Mud Baths

Boat Tour
08:30 AM
10 Hours
Please be ready at the main entrance gate of your hotel.
Towels, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera.
Lunch (BBQ Chicken, Salad, Pasta), Guiding Service (English Speaking), All Entrance Fees, Full Insurance, Hotel Transfer.
Drinks and other food options not mentioned here, DVD, Personal expenditures.
Don't forget to remove your jewelry before the mud baths and take a good shower after. It is a great day just have fun !

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Guest Reviews (2 reviews)


Clare Waby

Absolutely superb


Great Tour! Beautiful Lake & Beach. A little too busy in high season, but the beach is clean sea is shallow for a long way. Perfect to swim in and enjoy the waves!


Andrew Waddison

Good Day


The lake and the river cruise were so relaxing. The mud baths were really good fun for all of us. Love everything, the people, the food, the scenery, the amazing tombs in the mountains and the turtles. One of the best tour ever.

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F.A.Q about Marmaris Koycegiz Lake & Dalyan Tour

How long is the journey from Marmaris?

Hotel transfer will take palce around 45 minutes from Marmaris to Koycegiz Lake.

Yes, its smells a bit. Because of having high percentage of sulfur inside the mud.

Yes, Marmaris Dalyan Tour by boat is %100 kids friendly, with swim breaks and fun in mud.

We highly recommend to take your jewelry off before the mud baths. Its a is good idea to leave them in a safe box in your hotel.

No, we are not going to walk up there. We will to stop right in front of those Temple graves and our guides will give you some information. You will have a short picture break and then we carry on with our sail.


Marmaris Turtle BeachTour & Famous Mud Baths Itinerary

Marmaris Dalyan & Koycegiz Lake

Hotel Transfer

The journey begins around 08:30 in the morning with your hotel pick up service. The transfer from Marmaris to Dalyane will be 60 minutes.
Marmaris Dalyan & Koycegiz Lake

Dalyan Village

Dalyan is a national park and a small village famous with mud baths &  turtle beach
Koycegiz Lake & Dalyan Turtle Beach

Arrival to Mud Baths & Lunch Break

The thermal mud baths at Dalyan add more fun to this trip. They may smell bad because of the sulfur dissolved in the water, but playing and bathing in these mud baths is good for your health. It’s said that mud-bathing here makes you look 10 years younger! After a joyful mud bath, you can use the showers to clean yourself and have some refreshments at the cafeteria nearby. Lunch will be served in a beautiful restaurant near the river canal.
Koycegiz Lake & Dalyan Turtle Beach

Stop infront of the Temple Tombs

Dalyan is well-known for the ancient Lycian rock tombs at Kaunos dating back to 400 BC. We stop right in front of them for a picture break and our tour guides will be providing detailed information about these ancient tombs.
Koycegiz Lake & Dalyan Turtle Beach

Dalyan Turtle Beach

When we arrive at the Turtle Beach where we stop for about 90 minutes. Here you can swim, and explore the area. This is a protected beach as it is one of the last known breeding grounds for the endangered species of Loggerhead Turtles. Some areas on the beach are closed for human entry. The Turtle Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. If they are lucky enough, you might see the turtles swim or pass by.
Marmaris Dalyan & Koycegiz Lake

Return Back to Marmaris

At the end of the tour, we reach back to Koycegiz and drive to Marmaris. We arrange to transfer our guests back to their hotels by our free hotel transfer service. This is a long day of the journey through sea, lake and land among some of the untouched areas in the region. Though we take utmost care to complete the tour within the pre-determined time frame, there may be some delays due to unfavorable weather and the sea conditions.

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Mud Baths in Dalyan

Mud Baths in Dalyan

The mud baths in Dalyan are rich in sulphur and contain minerals that soothe and rejuvenate your skin. Regular treatments can tighten up the skin, erase wrinkles and its said to be that the mud baths in Dalyan will make you look younger by 10 years! After having a mud bath in these pools, you

Ancient Tombs in Dalyan

Ancient Tombs in Dalyan

The impressive ancient Lycian ancient tombs in Dalyan are a major tourist highlight on the banks of the Dalyan River. In spite of its great interest and uniqueness, the site hasn’t yet become a very popular name except those familiar with the region. This place has remained untouched by the busy urban life and is

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Beach)

Turtle Beach near Marmaris in Dalyan, Mugla Province of Turkey is one of the natural wonders you’ll ever get to visit. The 6 Km long but a narrow beach forms a natural barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and the fresh water delta of the Dalyan River. Iztuzu Beach popularly known as Turtle Beach is one

Marmaris Excursions - Guided Tours

Guided Tour

Guided Tours certainly help you learn more about the places you will visit around Marmaris. We arrange excellent guided tours to all the places on our list. Our qualified guides at your service are holders of professional degrees from some of the reputed Universities in Turkey. They have an immense knowledge of the landscape, history,

Free Hotel Transfer

Free Hotel Transfer

While you book our travel services online, our hotel transfer services come along for free! We arrange for free hotel transfers in our best-kept and the most comfortable vehicles. As any of the prearranged tour begins, we are ready with our vehicle to pick you right at the main entrance of the hotel you stay


Turtle Beach & Mud Baths Marmaris, Turkey

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