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Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

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Join our exciting all-day long Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip as a part of your Marmaris holiday this summer. Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip offers you a unique opportunity to visit Greece from Marmaris and be back on the same day! To enjoy the most of our day we begin our tour at 7:30 am and arrange to get back in Marmaris by 18:00 pm. With a valid Schengen Visa, (Please remember that British Citizens don’t need any visa) you can enter Rhodes Islands directly from Marmaris. We arrange speed catamarans, which have powerful engines to take you in shortest possible time through the sea. In fact, Rhodes is hardly over 45 minutes from Marmaris and hence getting there is an easy choice.

Rhodes is an amazingly beautiful island-town of historic importance. It has a number of tourist attractions and a great variety of local shops. Historic places on the island include St Paul Church, the Temple of Aphrodite, Freedom Gate, Museums, and the Grand Master’s Palace among others. Once you arrive in the town, you will have around six hours of free-time to roam about on the island, explore the town at your best and buy souvenirs from the interesting local shops. The local restaurants offer some of the best dishes you’ll get to taste in this part of the world. However, the prices are bit dearer in comparison with Turkey.

Remember to bring in your camera; this place is full of interesting monuments and amazing sculptures! Take these photos as your souvenirs of the trip. Keep your passport safely and show the same when demanded by the police and the security personnel. Food may be dearer, but the alcohol at duty free shops is available at almost half the price as in Turkey. Don’t forget to bring in some Euros, they come in handy while you shop and eat here. With some little preparation, our exciting Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip can add extra thrill upon your already fun-filled Marmaris holiday trip.


Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

07:30 AM
10 Hours
The shuttle bus timings and pickup locations are changing according to the hotel you stay. Upon your arrival to Turkey we will meet you at your hotel reception to take your passport details. At that time our guides will show you the closest pickup location to your hotel.
Passports, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes, Hat
Ferry Ticket To Rhodes (Both Ways), Port Taxes, Hotel Transfer.
All Food Options, Drinks, Personal Expenditures.
Please don't forget to take your passports with you.

The Tour Category of Marmaris Rhodes Day Tip

  • Family Friendly
  • Full Day
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Historical
  • Nature
  • With Discount
  • With Swimming
  • With Walking

Guest Reviews (4 reviews)


Bob Mccord

Marmaris Rhodes Boat Trip


We booked the boat trip across from Marmaris to Rhodes for the day with Marmaris Travel. The tour was well organized, it was nice to visit the old town and walk around the old castle walls of the town. You can buy the hoponhopoff ticket for 12euro but we did not really use it much. Was a good day out all in all.


Claire Henderson

great day out from Marmaris


Rhodes island is a fabulous place in Grece. It is full of history and very clean. There are many shops, bars and restaurants. I am so sure that you will never get bored. We did a day trip to Rhodes from Marmaris and be sure that it is a well worded trip.


Andrew Herbert

day trip to rodos


We have been to Rhodes twice from Marmaris, this is a great trip and well worth money. We paid 34 £ online with Marmaris Travel, on the street its around 40 £ and hotel wanted 45 £. Price was the best, it is an all day tour with hotel transfer. Catamaran takes an hour to arrive to Rhodes. There is always a queue at customs, but a well worth tour.


Daniela Magalhaes

Good Day Out


We booked a trip to Rhodes from Marmaris by catamaran. It was a quick trip to Rhodes only for 50min. Rhodes is a beautiful island old town is a great place to visit, be ware that its more expensive then Marmaris. But the day was well worthed.

F.A.Q about Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

How do you get my passport details?

Upon your arrival to your hotel in Turkey, we will meet you at your hotel reception and quickly take the pictures of your passport also collect the payment. We do all the paper work for you.

The journey is around 1 hour but there can be delayes due to the weather conditions.

You will approximately 6 hours free time in Rhodes.

British and many european counties don't need visa to visit Rhodes from Marmaris. But to be sure you can check the full list here.READ MORE

Yes, you can contact on the board to get guided tour in Rhodes. It is not included in the ticket price, but can be bought on the board.

No, there is not ant limit for the personal luggages. But if there is any cargo with the client, it should be declared.

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip Itinerary

Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

Arrival to Marmaris Port & Boarding Cards

Our Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip is devoid of hotel transfers, but the facility is available to most of the public spots near your hotels. Our guides meet you at the place of your stay, collect the passport details and let you know the place from where you can catch the shuttle bus to reach the port. We start early to make the most of the day. As you reach the port in the morning, the first we do is get your boarding cards.
Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

Passport Control & Customs

After obtaining the boarding cards, you must pass through the passport control and the customs. No seat numbers are assigned on your boarding cards; you can choose to take any of the available seats in the ferry.
Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

Explore Rhodes

After a sailing for an hour, we arrive at Rhodes and again pass through the customs. There are no guided tours in Rhodes; you can join one by buying them onboard. The renowned harbor is very next to the old town of Rhodes. You have around 6 hours of free time to roam about in the town and explore Rhodes. There are many interesting sites to visit in Rhodes and this’ll be a lovely day out. You’ll find many restaurants serving authentic local food in Rhodes; you can choose the one you like most. There are a great number of small shops in the old town and we are sure they will please you.
Duty Free Marmaris

Duty Free

On this tour, you have an opportunity to shop duty free both on Turkish and Greek territories. However, we suggest you know more about certain limitations while you do the shopping here. Some of the guests joining this tour facing some problems with the limitations please read this carefully.


Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip

Return back to Marmaris

At the end of the day, we sail back from Rhodes to Marmaris. After arriving at Marmaris, we arrange to take you back to your place in the shuttle buses.

Some of the important facts and useful information about " Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip "

Rhodes Island (Sites to Visit Marmaris-Rhodes Day Trip)

Rhodes Island (Sites to Visit on a Day Trip)

The island town of Rhodes in Greece is renowned for its history as well as beauty. Here is a short list of the many places you can visit in the old town on a day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes. Acropolis in Rhodes The Acropolis in Rhodes dates back to the Classical Greek Period. Situated

Duty Free Marmaris

Duty Free & Port Taxes

When you are booking any kind of Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Ticket with us, your port taxes are included in the price. So you don’t need to pay any extra money on the customs for port taxes. Another advantage of visiting Rhodes is you have the opportunity to visit the duty free shops on the way

Nationalities Need Schengen Visa (Marmaris / Rhodes Day Trip)

Nationalities Need Schengen Visa (Marmaris / Rhodes Day Trip)

There some visa regulations as you are going to visit Greece from Turkey. Which countires that requires visa and not is here as a full list. Most of the European Countries (Members of European Cominuty) like United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland), Northen Ireland, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Usa, Austrlia, Israel, Italy, Canada, New Zeland, Bulgaria,

Casino Rhodes

Casino Rhodes

The island town of Rhodes is renowned not only for its history but beauty as well. With numerous restaurants, small shops and entertainment centers, you’ll never feel lonely in the town. Casino Rhodes is one of the most popular attractions in Rhodes. Locally known as Casino Rodos, this building along with the Grande Albergo delle

Map of Rhodes

Map of Rhodes

Here is the map of Medieval Rhodes Town. Upon your arrival to Rhodes you will arrive to the port which is very close to the old (Medieval) town. By taking a couple minutes of walk you can visit many different interesting sites. You can download the whole map by clicking on the image downbelow and

Free Hotel Transfer

Free Hotel Transfer

While you book our travel services online, our hotel transfer services come along for free! We arrange for free hotel transfers in our best-kept and the most comfortable vehicles. As any of the prearranged tour begins, we are ready with our vehicle to pick you right at the main entrance of the hotel you stay


Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip Marmaris, Turkey

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