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Marmaris Balloon Tour

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Have you ever wonder how it feels to be up in the sky observing the sunrise? The Marmaris Balloon Tour gives you the opportunity to participate in an incredible hot air balloon experience and create some long lasting memories. This excursion takes you to Pamukkale and allows you to enjoy some imposing sites, observe nice panoramic views and spend unique moments with your friends or family.

The Balloon Tour from Marmaris begins during the early morning hours. More specifically, members of our team will pick you up from your place of accommodation in Marmaris with a comfortable, fully air conditioned and comfortable vehicle. The road trip from Marmaris to Pamukkale takes approximately 3 hours. There will be a tour guide who will infrom you all the way.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon From Marmaris

Once you reach Pamukkale the car will drop you off at the hot air balloon station. There, professional pilots will prepare the balloon and during this time, you can snap some photos. Then, the pilots will let you know the basic safety rules of the flight and all the final details of this experience. After getting into the basket, get ready for an exceptional and memorable experience.

The approximate duration of the flight is one hours. However, it is subject to the weather conditions and the direction of the wind. As the sun starts to rise in front of your eyes, a unique blend of emotions fills your body and revitalizes your senses. During the flight, you can enjoy an alternative sightseeing experience in Pamukkale. More precisely, you will be able to observe from above the Cotton Castle, the infamous thermal springs of Pamukkale and the ancient city of Hierapolis.

A special celebration is held at the end of the flight. It is a tradition to celebrate every flight with a champagne glass. Have some fun, take beautiful photos and be proud of this great achievement. The pilots will also give you a flight certificate so that you will remember this activity forever. At the end of the hot air balloon experience, you will have 3 hours of free time to explore Pamukkale. You will have dinner before the return journey to Marmaris. After the 3-hour journey, you will return to your hotel filled with unforgettable memories and positive emotions of the Hot Air Balloon Tour.

Marmaris Balloon Tour

02:30 AM
12 Hours
This excursion has free hotel transfer. Please be ready at the main entrance gate of your hotel.
Towels, Swimming Costumes, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Camera, Comfortable Clothing, Comfortable Shoes.
Hot Air Balloon Tour, Comfortable Bus Drive, Lunch, Guided Tour.
Drinks, Personal Expenditures, Entrance Fees.
Guests under 4 years old can not do the hot air balloon ride but they can still come with you on the tour. It will be a hard day for our guests with walking difficulties. Keep some snacks with you as its is a long day.

Hot Air Balloon Tour Over The White Cliffs Of Pamukkale

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  • Family Friendly
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Guest Reviews (3 reviews)


Tannoury Michel

Pamukkale Hot-Air-Balloon Ride with Champagne Toast


This was my very first experience of Hot Air Balloon flight and I’m happy to say the whole organization was perfect by Marmaris Travel. Absolutely enjoyed every minute of this private tour. The driver and the crew were very professional. Thank you for the wonderful experience!


Julia Trubitsyna

Hot Air Ballon Experience


This is an incredible experience. The flight over the white cliffs was amazing. Chris, who was our pilot, keeping us regularly informed about Pamukkale. Most importantly, he did a great during the landing., After the flight we had some free time in Pamukkale and had the opportunity to swim in the hot water.


Hayley Leys

Amazing Flight


Everything was well organized, Yusuf our driver was a start and he was very friendly and helpful during the day. Balloon flight is something that you should do while you are in Turkey. Thank you !!!

F.A.Q about Marmaris Balloon Tour

How long is the journey from Marmaris to take off point ?

In normal conditions the drive will be around 3 hours to Pamukkale where you will do the hot air balloon.

Yes, after your ballon ride you will have free time in Pamukkale, where you will have the opportunity ro swim.

No, sorry all food options are extra in this tour.

Marmaris Balloon Tour Itinerary

Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour


The activity begins very early in the morning, before the sunrise. A comfortable and modern vehicle will pick you up, on a prescheduled time, from your place of accommodation in Marmaris. All the necessary transfers are made with a comfotable bus and the transfer fee is included in the price of the experience.
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour

Road Trip To Pamukkale

The road trip to Pamukkale takes approximately 3 hours. Relax in the comfortable seats or admire the serenity of the countryside during the early morning hours.
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour

Professional Pilots

When you arrive at hot air balloon station in Pamukkale, professional pilots and instructors will welcome you. They will be preparing the balloon for the flight, do feel free to approach and take some interesting photos. Once they are ready, they will explain to you everything you need to know and then assist you to enter the basket.
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour

The Flight

When the hot air balloon starts to leave the ground, get ready to experience the first adrenaline boosts. The flight has an approximate duration of 1 hour but is subject to the direction of the wind and the weather conditions. During the first moments, you will be able to admire the spectacular colours of the sun as it starts to rise. The scenery is truly idyllic and breath-taking. The flight offers you also the chance to observe the main sites in Pamukkale from above. The Cotton Castle, the nearby thermal springs and the ancient city of Hierapolis are some of the sites you are going to observe during the flight.
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour

Champagne Toast

At a point the hot air balloon will start following a landing mode until it reaches the ground. In an effort to make your experience even more exciting and memorable, a celebration follows. Feel proud of your achievement with a champagne toast and have some fun with your friends or family.
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour

Free Time In Pamukkale

After your flight, the driver will take you to Pamukkale and give you free time. In this free time, you will have the opportunity to explore Pamukkale .
Marmaris Hot Air Balloon Tour


Once the celebration is over, if you want, you can take your time to explore the sites in Pamukkale. Alternatively, you can start on your way back to Marmaris. The return trip takes almost 3 hours until you reach your hotel.

Get the chance to observe a breath taking and imposing sunrise just above Pamukkale’s most iconic sites. The Marmaris Balloon Tour is a magnificent excursion for those wishing to join an alternative, yet ultra-exciting activity while on holidays. Enjoy some stunning views, proceed with an alternative sightseeing experience and upgrade your holidays by participating into this unique and special Balloon Tour in Pamukkale.

Free Hotel Transfer

Free Hotel Transfer

While you book our travel services online, our hotel transfer services come along for free! We arrange for free hotel transfers in our best-kept and the most comfortable vehicles. As any of the prearranged tour begins, we are ready with our vehicle to pick you right at the main entrance of the hotel you stay


Marmaris Balloon Tour Marmaris, Turkey

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